The basis of life boiled down

by Jamparnell   Jun 12, 2015

"don't think that you can get away with this."
"I don't."
"how quickly do you have to lie to protect your second nature?"

This is for the snakes afraid of good nature and change for a good reason.
Take charge on a drunken night. Keep sober on a cooped up flight. Don't ignore the song inside of your head. Maybe shake a tambourine and shake

Shake. Shake.

"Very good Antony" she said stressing on the t to make it sound more french because she knows in her soul and in her romance that that's where she was meant to be born
before god screwed up. God is scorned. Yes god screwed up, she would think later that night while filling her cup and thinking of how unsatisfactory her life has been thus far.

Do you. Ever consider. a broken star and a broken heart may still be beating.
A war machine may be programmed for retreating.
A scientist is obsessed with quantum leaping because they want in their hearts to escape.
Maybe being a scientist is so called fate and fate is boring that even the most enthused have to pick up the pieces of their still beating brain to see what it contains.

She lit up like a girl in love. Could this be her chance to escape to above like the rest of the world to another universe or noun; person place or thing.
la la la la
Downside. Upside.
This is art or... artfully done at the very least. It could be gibberish. It could be... Nothingness.

Nothingness is the worlds most beautiful thing like a flower but.. not.
Like super-powers but not.

Like the power to predict the future that is wasted on a man who is heavily medicated with sutures due to his....
power to predict the future.
It lights up like a dying light. Fluorescent in nature but... yet... that's not really the best term for it now. Now is it?

Now the boy can only do one thing. Hear one line from the upcoming day.
"I guess." He supposes. "That nothingness is better than everything at once or... certainly less chaotic."
The boy can't guess... Fathom... the true nature of everything at once or... at least he wouldn't be able to if he didn't have to deal with it everyday.
Everyday before waking up the entirety of the universe has to leave his brain. Starting with time and ending with... nothingness. I know that this seems
like a cop out but really it's true.
"if only someone would believe me." The boy would say.
Until he had a dream where people believed him and realized nothing good would come of it.

There once was a man who knew things. inside his head. that he shouldn't know.

Now the girl could only do one thing. She would have to wait for her prince charming which in a feminist society became increasingly more difficult.
She was afraid that she would soon become jaded and would not have the power to recognize the man of her dreams in this society obsessed with reality.
The girl couldn't guess... Fathom... the true nature of the man she was about to marry. She wouldn't know his dreams or his ability to change the past.
She wouldn't know his fate to change it. She would be without him someday... and that day was today.
Even though she could see him, she could see right through him. It was like he wasn't there.

Like the power to change the future was wasted on a man who didn't know how good he had it and so....
He changed the present day.
Challenging serendipity and fate with an extreme paradox.

If something was not meant to be and yet... it exists.... could something that was meant to be...
not exist? Said the course of human existence.
would it have to not exist? Could both these realities happen to the same soul? Florescent in nature.

Nothingness is the worlds most beautiful thing like a tree with flowers blooming.
Like a super hero with a secret identity.

That they know nothing about.

I said once before that she lit up like a girl in love, but she was not in love.... She was flickering. She was floating...
This was love's replacement.

She like he would be forever alone.
I'll write you a poem.
If the sky came to catch you
while you were falling
Why do I sit here calling
an empty phone?
Was it because it was the sky and not I?
because I can't fly.
And now i'm alone
I used to feel your presence.
Or at least your luminescence.
I used to think "I see you."
But now I think of redo-es
If I misconstrue I construct and then self destruct because living without you I might as well
be a machine. I can't remember how to touch your soul. I can't remember if my brain is whole. I always sat there unprepared reliving the same nightmare.
I thought it was unfair, but now I am not scarred. I don't ever want to turn into that.
I always use to fall asleep to the cat and the hat.
I always use to think the world was fat.
I always use to think that I was a rat.
I always use to think you were so lovely.
Until I found out, you never could love me.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Epically brilliant. Well done!

    • 3 years ago

      by Jamparnell

      Thank you. That means a lot.