British Bulldog:

by Scott Cole   Jun 15, 2015

I am so a proper doggy
I know my language well,
I might sound alittle funny
But you can hardly tell.

For I am a British Bulldog
My bark is somewhat off,
And every time I try to talk
It sounds more like a cough.

Now look me in my eyes
And let me size you up,
Are you my worst nightmare
Or are you just another pup.

These days it's hard to tell
The size of fight inside a dog,
For it all depends on the Dog
Not the noise that it gives off.

So just because I am small
And have a squeaky pitch,
Don't think I'm scared of you
Cause your not the wicked witch.

For I am a British Bulldog
I'm the meanest thing around,
Since I have a strange accent
My bark has a funny sound.

You can try and cross me
Yes cross me if you like,
You only get eight seconds
So hold on for all your life.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Trish

    You penned the little dog attitude so very well. Nice read