Big Mouth Bass:

by Scott Cole   Jun 20, 2015

I'm a freshwater Bass
And I have a Big Mouth,
Yes it could possibly be
The biggest in the South.

Don't tell me your secret
I'll run and tell someone,
It's kinda like game for me
I'm having some much fun.

The more gossip that I hear
The more that I wanna tell,
Cause with my Big Mouth
It makes it easier to yell.

The more fish that does hear
This gossip from my mouth,
The more you hear me say
The more you know about.

Of course I'll spill my guts
If you should dare to look,
For I'll give it to you straight
Not come apart on a hook.

So lean your ear over here
And listen to what I've got,
For it could be your chance
To be a know it all Big Shot.

I'm the bussiest busy body
To know everything like me,
But wheather it's true or not
That's up for you to believe.

I'm a freshwater Bass
And I sure know the news,
But all that I speak to you
That may or may not be true.


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