The Last Glance

by Giegielove Goddess Poet   Jun 22, 2015

22.Dec. 2014- 22.June.2015
6Months since you passed away
and I'm still grieving of you

"The Last Glance"
(dedicated to my late hubby)

You talk a lot to me
And I told you that's not the way
You just made me more unhappy
Please Pa, stop talking sad things
I miss you already, Please stop talking like that
I said,I'm gonna miss you while my tears falling down on my cheek...
And you said, don't cry my pretty girl
I'll go before you and you came to me then
see you someday in heaven

I'm breaking deep inside of me
I did run on the stairs going down
and going up as I don't know
what to do as you told me
soon your time is through
You did call my name every second and every minute
because you don't want to be alone in your bedroom
and as I came to you...
you held my hands so tighty, with tears in your eyes
It breaks my heart into million pieces
As I know I'm losing you
Listening about your last goodbye words
was the hardest feeling i've felt in my life
and seeing you're leaving forever
The last kiss and the embrace
the last night and last good night
on that Sunday 21 of Dec.2015
are the memories that always
flashing back into my mind
As I can't still imagine that was the last time
of our togetherness
Oh how life too short is...
And in the morning as I wake up
and wanted to give your medicine and
breakfast you're still there, your body was still warm but
you don't breath it anymore.

I called our son Angelo what to do
And the Ambulance was there to
help you but no more chance
your heart has stopped beatin'

Few hours later the Doctor
confirmed that you are really dead.

I cried and cried a lot
while sitting down on your bed close to you
I stroke your hair , your face was cold
and your eyes was closed
I put my hands on your chest
To feel your body for the last time.

I cried and talk and shout
But it doesn't help me to lose
the unexplainable sorrow
that I've felt at the moment
of my last glance to you.


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