My Favorite Days

by Jaymi Lynn   Jul 1, 2015

Most days my head is too big; so are my feet.
My thoughts are too loud and drown my voice when I speak.
Sometimes my eyes shine, some days they don't.
I enjoy when my skin glows with the light from the sun
and find bliss, all the same, on the days that it won't.

I laugh hard. And often. And sometimes too much.
Most days others laugh along when I refuse to shut up.
At times before, and times to come, I've been silenced
by a most extraordinary sight of storm clouds
crossing a field of skies in defiance.

But my favorite days are not of most at all,
yet come when the moon is to be blue and a star is to fall.
For these are the days, before the glorious nights,
when the wind is at last at a desperate peace
and permit my young heart to once again take flight.

And I watch as it soars to the highest of heights
and wink at the others flying in the moonlight.
Yes! These are my favorite times indeed!
And when the day begins anew after the wind has lost its peace
I smile when my heart makes its way home to me.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Oh my word!

    This is breathtaking. I feel privileged to have been taken on a most intimate journey - yours! The serene calmness I felt as you led me through an almost dreamscape of emotional perception was meditative.

    I wish now I had a vote to nominate this excellent piece. I hope someone else has done so, because this is a winner in my eyes.

    Excellent work.

    Take care *winks*


  • 2 years ago

    by Cindy

    What a beautiful piece you have penned. I think as we grow there are so many things we find wrong with ourselves. To be able to bring laughter into our life is a wonderful thing.
    I love the night also, many times I dream of going to far off places.
    Excellent job
    Take care Cindy

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    As Maple says, this really is a great write and the flow is outstanding. Well done and all the best,

  • 2 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    Well this piece has gone un-noticed for too long...

    what a pretty poem!

    I love the inspirational message within this poem.. Its elegant and vibrant.

    Laughter is the truest of medicine within this life we live... oh this poem is precious and priceless!