For You

by Christy   Aug 1, 2015

Who really determines the definition of who I am or who I should be?
Who says I should weigh that 115 in order to be considered as pretty?
You see, when I was just 120, they said the wind would blow me away,
And now that I'm a solid 165, they say I won't ever get a man to stay.
But whoever said that I needed a man to determine who I am...
Whoever said that I needed him to make me the woman that I am?
Are women not tired of giving men the power to determine who they are?
Are we not fed up with, "you're too short, fat, skinny, ugly, not what I want's"?
I am not your type because I am thick but let me just say that you are sick...
Sick to believe that a thinner woman can make you any happier than I ever can.
And sadly, I am more of a woman than you will ever be that of a man.
I am beautiful. I am imperfectly flawless with every inch of my well-being,
And you are terrified of a little meat because to you, I'm not your perfect dream.
But let me say this, I am tired of being the picture men have painted of me.
Confidence is what drives my beauty, my prettiness, who I am within.
You've allowed your own eyes to blind you with shallowness and stupidity.
Whoever said that thinner was better and being bigger was a deadly sin?
Whoever gave man the right to tell us who we really are should really rethink this.
No matter how well you think you've painted me, you DON'T determine my happiness.
But I really do thank you for ending the warfare that was going on inside of myself.
I was downing me, drowning me, but I am the beauty you're going to wish you never left.
So no, for you, I won't lose an ounce of any pound that is on my beautiful, curvy body,
Because I really love seeing you sweat, I absolutely LOVE being so freaking intimidating.
This is me and I love every inch of who I am. I don't need you to validate my beauty.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This is the second poem I've read of yours in the last five minutes and am again thoroughly impressed. A really strong and powerful message that all women and men can take something from and again, really well put together. Keep writing

    • 3 years ago

      by Christy

      Thank you so much! That has really encouraged me!