by Darren   Aug 6, 2015

A slave to another morning
awoken by fate and those chosen paths
removed from the starfish pose
as an empty bed remains
leaving just crevices and the man shape
until night arrives
soundtracked by silence.

To be just a pebble
stolen from a beach of millions
by a coquette's promises
made to feel like the great wall of china would crumble
if even the tiniest stone was chipped away
I must never encompass any love other than your own
but our paths were smudged with blissful ignorance.

Your enigma was the parasol that cast a shadow
over clear choices and a signposted future
feeling like a nectarine in a bowl of coconuts
such a soft skin and so sour inside
your allure grabbed me by the arm
face planted me into self doubt and mistrust
melancholic views clouding my any judgement remaining.

had to use the following prompts
1. Parasol
2. Bliss
3. Nectarine
4. China
5. Smudge
6. Slave
7. Starfish
8. Coquette
9. Soundtracked
10. Encompass
11. Allure
12. Complex


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