Sailing away

by Darren   Aug 6, 2015

Now I know it is all too much
stumbling, then falling hard
onto concrete, man's desecration of pasture
claret trickles slowly, forming a lightning bolt
as the thunder enters my mind.

I feel myself sailing away
into a darker place,
somewhere between love and hate
where only the vulnerable crouch, point and snigger.

I have one life yet I don't want this one,
so it seems as flashes illuminate behind my eyes,
a boy appears and sits beside me,
he holds my hand and tells me about untamed love.

I never wanted the spotlight, as my mind races furiously
there is a discovery that triggers conscience,
only momentarily as the demons that control
are unparalleled in their intensity.

The boy points the way out of this madness
he warns of the long journey back
but reminds me, blinking through tears
that if I look into any mirror
there I will see the only one
that can learn to love
you all.

'But!' he whispers

You need to love yourself first.


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