Mr. Mathematics

by Ridge   Sep 21, 2015

You divide it by 3
You ad it by 4
You multiply by 5
And you got back in forth

Mr. Mathematics
He sees, he hears
He writes, it's clear

9.8e+1 462 899
The primitive integral 33 square root 4
- 13 step moves on the disco floor
Arcsine 1.577079
It matches the line
The reference angle of tangent 68 is -2.04008
e x 74 divided by 6 = 33.5254758
The natural logarithm of 25 is 3.218
Cosine and sine functions where M integers
Reverse Q with P and invert K
X + Y, me and you you and me + K & G
Shake it shake it the propriety
Not generally but so easily derived
x can stand for arcsin to identify
And vice versa

There's no error with Mr. Mathematics
Freak of numbers and calculus
An equation that fails its purpose
He'll figure it, he's Mr. Mathematics


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  • 2 years ago

    by Eithne

    It's my favourite subject. So I like it.