Blank Page

by Jamparnell   Nov 14, 2015

Blank page.
Lately I've become lost every time I open up my eyes to start my day.
From there my mind decays like leaves at the end of autumns bloom.
I peer into my dark room and look at the time.
Too early to start my day, so once again I hit the hay and reflect on the uncertainty of my soul.
Certainly it is full.
Or is it?
I dismiss this.
I wake up to writers block.
I'm more tired now then I was before I was alive,
because the thought of waking up on time is a bore.
I decide. Before I lose out on opportunity and create an immunity to reality I hit the snooze button.
I begin to get out of bed, again.
I want to go back so bad.
I could be so glad.
In that place so new.
And here, it's Deja' vu.
I reach for my e-cig.
I smoke on some vapors.
My mind shuffles it's papers.
Blank page.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    I like the way this is set out, the subtle rhyming and how everything just fits into place.