Mindless Puppets

by Haleyy dOss   Nov 14, 2015

I walk the face of earth once more, a mindless puppet my strings are torn..
These brittle bones, this bad eyesight, and a chance to turn wrong to right..
The shadow of me.. the darkness of you.. I'm blinded by this perfect view..
The thoughts keep rising, and even the guilt..the worlds now on more than just a tilt..
People weeping, but in my own sorrow.. hoping there will even be a tomorrow..
Were all trapped in this cage and no-one can see it.. it's holding us down yet we don't even believe it..
Were strangled of thoughts and robbed of our minds..this wisdom of life is making us blind..
My memories are distorted our sentences are shortened and all we need is the strings to come back..but when the darkness seizes your existence this whole world is black..
No-one to turn to no-one to believe no-one to fix you and no way to leave..
I'm a puppet forever and you're a puppet too.. with no strings attached there's nothing we can do.. This world will keep spinning and soon out of line, we need to just face it we're running out of time.. So can I answer your questions? Can I change it all? I can't change a thing because soon we'll all fall..
A mindless thoughtless puppet that's controlled we can't do anything not even what's told..
The fact of the matter is, is that were not even here and if I could explain life I'd explain what I fear..
Non existence, imagination, fake strings that are clear..we're the end of this world and the end is so near..
One tear, one blink, one breath, I'm dead.
Every thing may be a lie, but it's true in a puppets head.


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