by Christy   Dec 8, 2015

I've been driving blind for quite some time and these roads are seeming to get lonely.
My heart has been fighting my mind throughout this drive. I'm feeling like Life owes me.
I'm living with this lie we could call Life because we're all pretending that we're happy...
But we're just floating, driving blind, letting days' pass without admitting that we're phony.
I liked 'its' smile, 'its' charming eyes, and the fact that it was driving with its eyes open wide...
It pretended that it loved me. I was happy in time and I held it high because this Life was my only.
Maybe I was aiming too high, pretending that this was right when it just made me lonely. Just hold me.
I craved that thigh rub, its promiscuous touch, the laughs, the love, the aches and breaks. Its phony.
Just. Hold me. I've been getting high with Life and its thrilling to be in its eyes, but it's so deadly.
Lord, help me to stay alive in this car with this terrifying man that I call Life, this bastard that holds me....
Hostage and in bondage, bound to the lies and the aches and breaks and... It just doesn't want me.
I've been fighting blind for quite some time, and I just can't seem to get over you, my dear Life.
And although, the fight is well worth the pain, I'm lost and I can't seem to move on to Chapter 2 of You.
I'm scared that I'm lonely because without you, who else is going to hold me? Because you are my only.
Hold me like you did when I was breaking and I thought I was fine but with time, I was steadily falling.
And in your eyes, there was sunshine, and I knew that I wouldn't be left lonely. Are you holding me?


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