Childhood Images

by Baby Rainbow   Dec 13, 2015

I never saw his face
but I remember his voice
as he chanted words of hell
with every smack upon my body.

Every day they tried to break me,
and I couldn't resist
as they managed to force compliance
from my innocent soul.

Masks surrounded me,
as I began to wonder if they were
protecting famous faces,
why else would they have to hide?

One man,
one mask,
the one I will never forget.
It only ever took him seconds to snap
and I could never figure out why,
or what went wrong
before I passed out from from the pain.

And the sickest feeling
is left lingering in my stomach,
as I can remember breaking all of the rules
to avoid having to follow that man
into the white room,
even if it meant begging for you
and screaming out your name
as I choked on fear...

It makes me sick to the stomach
to have to wonder why
I ever wanted you the most?




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  • 2 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    This is a sad and heartbreaking write. We never completely understand why but it is nothing you did. There are people in this world and often the ones closest to you that will do cruel things to you. I had to learn to forgive them and it was not easy but if forgiveness does not take place we can't move forward. Take care