Two Weeks Postpartum

by Jessica   Jan 6, 2016

She's two weeks postpartum
No you cannot tell,
She makes it look so easy.
She has a one year old
And a newborn baby.
One who won't let go
And the other won't latch on.
She woke up in a pile of pee,
And a breast milk drenched t-shirt.
She believes in co sleeping,
Even if it means she don't sleep.
She watched Barney all day,
And bounces her newborn all night.
She takes two minute showers,
With her one year old daughter.
She cooks dinner for her husband
Then feeds her baby girls.
By the time she gets around to eat,
The food is already cold.
She cleans up and does dishes,
With a baby on her chest.
She never complains
She truly tries her best.
But inside she is screaming
She wants to give up,
She don't want to show her babies
That mommy isn't tough.


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