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I enjoy using poetry as an outlet. I'm sure many, like me, have difficulty expressing who they are and what they believe. Through poetry I find it much easier to do so.

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  • Awaken (3) 1

    The world is spinning out of control.
    What is truth? Nobody knows...

  • Love has filled the air
    Once again, but no one cares...

  • Sitting here on my bed,
    Looking out my fogged up window...

  • Hate is true
    And can be useful...

  • The game of love
    Set for a lifetime...

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  • Has today's society not made news outlets into religions? There are those who live by their words and except no other. Those who say there is only one that is true and the rest are not. Those who believe in none, and those who conspire against them.

    8 months ago
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  • Success never starts easy, and only gets harder.

    8 months ago
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  • Just because you didn't go to college doesn't mean you didn't get schooled. The school of hard knocks is not free by any means, and can leave you with greater knowledge and skill then any text book.

    8 months ago
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