Nascar In Outerspace:

by Scott Cole   Feb 14, 2016

If there was but a butterfly race
Not on the ground but in Outerspace,
On all the critters there's a number
To tell all drivers from each other.

The weather is fine not a raindrop
To cause the event to have to stop,
So all the butterflies they line up
To test their talents and their luck.

That very arm that holds the flag
It starts the race but with a wag,
Eyes for sight and wings for flight
The nascar race has come to light.

Its wing to wing as drivers set sail
On the invisible track it's tail to tail,
Round and round all the critters go
Who will be the one to steal the show.

The winner is the first butterfly home
That first butterfly to cross the gate,
Don't need to speak his famous name
For everyone knows that eighty-eight.


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