The Rending of the Sacred Star

by Skyler   Feb 18, 2016

Felenduil the ferrier once sailed from home to mortal lands
And would return the merrier with mortal treasures in his hands
But sang he much of Elven light from their most sacred shining star
Felenduil was followed then by greedy mortals from afar

Felenduil in folly fair did not forsee his fearsome foes
Who sailed from distant lands to see the sacred star at last deposed
They trailed his jolly sailing song that sang of Aina-Eleni
Conspiring to pluck it down, and steal away in secrecy

The Elven King Anaroron looked down from lofty tower-top
To see the mortals set upon the star but could do naught to stop
Except to leap and seize the jewel, his fair hands filled with ancient might
The seven mortals struggled hard, and scattered it into the night

So twenty shards were scattered far and nine were found by elven-kind
Six were kept by mortal thieves, dead at sea and out of mind
Five at sea are yet unfound, but ever-sought by wand'ring kin
Of that old King Anaroron, that starlight might be whole again


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  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I really like your style of poetry and of course the subject of elves

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