by Skyler   Feb 18, 2016

Of Elledain we sing with woe, for he has fallen from the sky
And gone to dwell where mortals go, for sadly he was doomed to die
Crossing into cruelest fate, our prince has sacrificed his life
That all our own ends might abate, and ever wonder at his strife

This is no tale of merriment, but all must know it all the same
That you might speak with reverence, if you should chance to say the name
Gather from your sitting halls, and stand before me as I sing
The fate of fairest Elledain, the eldest son of Elven King

Upon his brow a crown was laid, a shard of Aina-Eleni
And at his wish the people swayed, as all who knew him would agree
Anaroron's right hand he dwelled, and smiled upon the populace
No threat of war would have him quelled, no challenge that he would not face

And then did fairest Elledain meet wicked Orindel to treat
The wicked warlord's warriors sprang for treason at their master's feet
But Elledain knew ancient ways, and windward were the warriors cast
And Orindel, for all his days, was banished from Bardor at last

Orindel would not abate, and shamefully he formed a scheme
Mustering his spite and hate, he came to Tordag in a dream
To Elledain was Tordag dear, and to him came these words with trust
"My lord, the dark is drawing near, we must go meet this coming dusk"

And so did sail dear Elledain, with Tordag earnestly in tow
To meet the threat and see it slain, but Orindel did dwell below
His host attacked the Elder Tree, Elledain's most cherished ship
And in that highest treachery, into the waves they both did slip

Elledain and Orindel fought blade and hand and tooth and nail
Until at last the two elves fell, and rose upon the surface pale
Elledain, Oh Elledain! How we would brave that fiend's attack
If we could see your Elder Tree with fullest sail and sailing back


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