I Apologize

by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Apr 16, 2016

I made a vow to be happy, just like you did to forgive
And I didn't mean to lie, it's just easier to stretch the truth
You can love whoever you want, there're no hard feelings
But I can't promise I'll ever stop loving you

I'm okay with the situation, because I made it
When I see you smile, it still makes me warm
You and I, we could've had the world for the taking
But when I get scared of sunshine, I create a storm

Did I ever apologize for the pain?
Was it easy to watch me go insane?
I took too much time to explain...
That I'm actually proud you've hopped on that train

She may not be perfect, but she's better than I'll ever be
I am corrupt, I destroy things that didn't need to be fixed
But what's up with all the anger, and hostility?
I know I screwed up, that I always had a bag of tricks

I never had the chance to apologize for the pain
And I know it was hard to watch me go insane
I took way too long trying to explain...
That watching you go left me in this shame

And I deserve it... I deserve every damage to my soul
You've earned it... It didn't challenge you to let me go
Cause I deserve it, I deserve to suffer in my created woe
You've earned it, I just wanted to let you know

I apologize for the pain
And I apologize for going insane
And I apologize for not explaining
That I'm actually happy... You were strong enough to leave


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