A Tragic Life Story

by Lemon Squeezy   Apr 28, 2016

A Wrecked and ruined mind with a tattered tormented soul,
He awakes each morning headed toward no particular goal.

Day by day he slips deeper away intoxicated by lusts' desire,
Breaching his spirit, vexing his soul, adding fuel to the fire.

His minds eye polluted with foggy thoughts of wicked remorse,
Each drop of memory drawn from a well of darkest source.

His life frail and fragile each step one closer to grave's embrace,
The void abyss of emptiness is plain to see on his paling face.

Hope walked out on him long ago his life lacks glimmer and glow,
Happiness and joy are a child's fable a fairytale he used to know.

His companions today only Anger, Bitterness, and Hate,
The only true friendships and allies he can craft or create.

A stranger to himself as he staggers upon the stage he chose,
His life soon will end 'Twill soon come to the curtain close.

His scene of sorrow and sadness is reaching its climax,
'Tis a tragedy with treacherous, twists, and multiple acts.

At the end of his hypocrisy lies no accolades or applause,
He has lived a life that made no impact a life without cause.

All his lifes woes can be traced back to a common thread,
Only one vice, imprisoned him until his body lie dead.

He sacrificed all in life that was joyful happy and good,
For an addiction that ends in pain, bitter as wormwood.

The sting is as the poison of a serpent or an adder,
His lifes sum calculates to zero, it does not matter.

It just took one sip that thrust him down the loathsome path,
No return trip from his destination of regret and of wrath

One fateful decision caused him by wayside to fall,
One simple word, his life story...... ALCOHOL

(C) 2016 Lemon Squeezy All rights reserved


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