Smiles In Black And White:

by Scott Cole   May 12, 2016

When a family's heirloom goes missing
A long forgotten memory is lost forever,
The only proof of it's very existence
The only face to that special endeavour.

Those black and white grey silhouettes
Are getting harder and harder to find,
A time that time itself has forgotten
And it's near future is slowly going blind.

All of those precious brown shoe boxes
That kept together all our treasured times,
From when the whole family was a kid
Do make it so much easier now to find,

Long before color ever meet a picture
We had so much fun in black and white,
All those long time ago photographs
That tickled everyone with such delight.

It's those faded pictures that are priceless
Yet their disappearing by the handfuls,
All those special little black and whites
That always said more than a mouthful.

Search out those little brown shoe boxes
Take one faded picture out at a time,
Cherish your family's happiest moments
That at one time in your life stole your eye.

But always return them to their hiding places
So they can continue to remain there safe,
All those little places that's just as special
As those black and white smiles on our face.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Brenda

    A lovely write! This brought back so many fond memories of all those photos. It's sad to think that so many of the younger generation will never even hold a photo in their hands, let alone go through the shoebox of memories I have growing up. Thank you for bringing all those old pictures to life.