True friendship

by Judy Sullivan   Jun 19, 2016

We became friends from the very start,
leading separate lives, but never really
to far apart.

Remembering all the crazy but fun things
we use to do, or should I say: all the
different situation that we got ourselves into.

Basically we've always understood each other,
Wondering off by ourselves at times and
getting into to mischief, which always led
to red behinds.

One reason why we are such good friends
is very plain to see, I understand the things
you do and you have respect for me.

A friends who shares, a friend who cares,
one who will be there when it really hurts
a lot, by comforting one another without
a second thought.

One who's there, when the other needs to vent,
but I don't want to hear about all that money
you should not have spent.

Even on the dance floor, when we're shaken
what we've got, I feel very blessed and
fortunate to have a special friend, for
whom I love a lot.

Not an once of judgment on choices that
we've made, honesty, support and such great
memories that we hope will never fade.

I will always be there to pick you up should
you feel your going to fall, you know all you
have to do is pick up your phone and call.

One shoulder to cry on, the other we can
rely on. Fifty-four years later, since that
day we first met, it's a day I'll cherish
forever, a day I will never forget.

With a bond so solid, strong and true,
without you in my life, I just wouldn't
know what to do.

I will always be there for you as your friend,
as in the beginning, during and especially
near the end. You will always have a
special friend in me and I hope we stay
best friends forever, beyond eternity...


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