The Teachers

by Judy Sullivan   Jun 23, 2016

First they befriend you, by reeling you in,
making it seem like your their new best friend.
Telling you everything they think you want to hear,
but it's just a ploy, they're trying to keep you near.

Through their eyes, I was ignorant and weak,
Never have I met such people,
What is it that they seek?

I have never made so many friends so fast,
Not really believing that their fake friendships would last,
Nothing like my real friends from my past.

We're not in this world to make personal gain off another human being,
Try accomplishing it yourself, a trade for which you will be paid,
to me that would be an effort worth seeing.

No more lies or false alibis from a bunch of looser's
who have fallen off their paths,
your user's and abuser's, more like outcasts.
I've played your game, but only for awhile, time to let it be known,
that I can see through your fake-ass smile.

Your the best teachers, if that's what your lives are all about,
I can now say this without any doubt.
I will not be part of your desperate foolish game
I'm beginning to think that you all are insane.

You've taught me a valuable lesson, not to trust just anyone,
who would sale their very soul, you make me sick, go crawl back in your hole.
How dare you waste my precious time, your just a piece of slime..

I hope I taught you a lesson as well, you were given
a life to live just like everyone else,
Time to take control of that life and start doing things for yourself.
Let all of this be a thing of the past, make this new adventure,
a happy, honest and fore filling life at last...


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