In loving memory of "Devon Leonis"

by Judy Sullivan   May 18, 2017

Mom, please don't cry,
just because we had to part,
as long as you can remember me,
I'll live within your heart.

My voice you may not hear,
but trust & believe,
that my spirit is near.

I sure do miss your loving touch
& I know you miss me just as much.

Although my life on earth was only for awhile,
When I think of you, it's always with a smile.

We will have an everlasting life,
in this place called "Paradise"

It's beautiful up here in Heaven
& I'm no longer in pain.
I feel you most of all on the other side
of the rainbow, after a gentle rain.

This life beyond those "Pearly Gates"
is such an unbelievable sight to see.
Now I know why God took me first,
to pave the way for my family.

I'll always be your little Angel,
sent from up above.
The one you held & nurtured
& gave me so much LOve.

So go Mom & live your life,
the best that you know how,
Please don't worry about me,
for I'm finally at peace now.

For when you knock upon Heaven's door,
we will have so much more to say.
I will forever hold you close in my heart,
& forever you will stay...


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