by Andrew Packard   Jun 22, 2016


Rain, Streaks of Hail
A vision of an army
Straight and tall
For all to wail

Pillars never-ending
Battles laid out to sea
the colorless grey
Listless drizzle sounds the same

Liquid curtains
piercing the future
Weather in Vain
Waiting to reveal

The winds sweep backwards
down the plain
It's thought that's lost
a spiral drain

When it ends
If its ever over
and the crystal rods
from Heaven fail

Blank staring tearless eyes are raised
searching for a reason
finally a look behind the veil
Lighting up all that's real

There is nothing on the Horizon ...

Wednesday Afternoon, June 15, 2016


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    An image-filled write that flows wonderfully.

    All the best,