I Don't Love You Anymore

by XTaintedxBeautyX   Jul 6, 2016

I don't love you anymore. I did once but that seems like a far away memory.

I once felt for you what I have never experienced for anyone else. When you didn't loved me yet.
I tried to please you but never was it enough.
I always took care of our child, sacrificed sleep and bent over backwards to be everything you needed, which always went unappreciated.
I tried overlooking mistakes with the mentality of forgive and forget, but there are somethings you can't let go of.
Experiences and events with you have left this once strong and creative heart to be wounded, uninspired and built to just exist in indifferenceI am not in love with you.

When I have an eventful day the desire to share with you has dissolved.
When I see you the butterflies in my stomach have grown to be an anxious flutter in my chest.
The sound of your voice leaves me numb. No happiness, no excitement. Senseless.
I find relief without selfish manipulation around every corner.
I find peace with being alone for it is more lonely being with you than without.
I'm finding myself once again.

I see myself starting to shine through, starting to break out of this black cloud that followed 'us' around.
Once I realized I do not love you.
I don't love you anymore. I did once but the tide is gone.
This ship is ready to be repaired and sail a new adventure.
I am sorry, but let's be honest- we don't love each other anymore.


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