Dreams of ayasha

by Dancing Rivers   Aug 11, 2016

Ayasha Euthalia Greyvenstein

The name that will change my existence
A name that speaks of miracles and dreams
which come true with persistence.
Your name is written in my heart it seems.

Ayasha, my little one you have me undone
you've brought great joy into my life
Euthalia my well blooming flower
I cannot wait for the hour

In which I may gaze upon your beauty
the perfection of life realized
in one tiny little hand.

My heart yearns for the moment
that I may hear your first call
to cry out with joy at your lovely smile

My darling child
I love you already

Though you are yet unseen
I feel you every moment of the day.

And though I may cringe at the aches and pains
I know I will rejoice to see that joyful day
when I can see your precious face
and at last call my daughter by name.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard


    A lovely poem here about the joys of motherhood. When that little thing's born and you hold it for the first time, it really will be the defining moment in your life...I just hope it IS a girl, lol.