Buried alive

by Jessie Colon   Nov 6, 2016

My words unspoken
Locked in my head

Shadows forming
Clogging my thoughts
Her demons are about
Spiritually tormenting me

Directly towards my temple
My mind and body wrestles
I still love you
I don't want to

How do you get to decide?
To say f you
Without looking back

Why wasn't I enough?

Gave me hope
Turned it into despair
Memories emerge

I did anything
To make you understand
Make you feel the same

Spoiled you
Until you became rotten
No longer appreciated

The demons lurking
Shadows covered my heart
Luring me in

I gave my all
I couldn't fully grasp it
Completely exposed and vulnerable
Allured by empty promises

Over 2 years

I loved the wrong woman
Her demons has won
Love no longer lives

Buried alive


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