Eyes Only For Him

by No1ButMe   Nov 9, 2016

She was a tiny dancer
with hair like autumn leaves
skin like white lilies
and lips like a red rose.

He was an average man
with hair the color of cottonwood
skin like marble
and eyes as beautiful as sapphires.

She swayed from side to side
smiling glistening lights
taking the world with her
as she consumes every breath.
The world is her stage
bouncing from location to location
making friends along her journey
leaving glitter in her wake.

He has a non-glamours life,
never thanked, never bothered
invisible to most
anti-social to the rest.
No one around him,
really knows him
but they never ask questions
only leaving behind a name.

She makes everyone feel special,
feel loved,
trying to repair the worlds damage
leaving a piece of herself behind.
Hugs and laughter fill her air
she conducts conversations,
handing out grins like greeting cards.

Then one day,
as she glides across the floor,
she stumbles.
And as she starts to fall,
a steady hand catches her.
She looks up to see a scowl
and eyes of deep water,
that she fell into.
A small giggle,
escapes her mouth
and his tightened face
loosens just a tad.
Her entourage,
calls out to here
but her priorities have shifted.
He glances over his shoulder,
but he already knew.
With her divine grace
and delicate features,
there was no way,
she was a no one,
like him.
She continues to stand there,
trying not to look like
she's fumbling to find something,
to say.
To cover up, her insecurities,
she smiles,
her thousand watt grin,
and introduces herself.
The background pulls her away,
leaving him only a name,
and an image he will never forget.
He sees, a paper left behind
eyeing what she could have lost,
a recital, starring his new muse.

As she gets ready,
for the first time,
she is a bundle of nerves,
not because she is nervous,
no, she knows this routine inside and out,
but because, she is in love.
She can't forget the man,
she knows nothing about,
except that he was meant for her,
nothing else matters.

He got to the box office,
just in time,
now as he heads to his seat,
he is more nervous then he has ever been.
He is a no one, she probably doesn't even
remember him.
Shredding the paper in his hands,
but he just has to do this,
he has to see her,
just one more time.
The curtains pull open,
girl and girl prances onstage,
but this time,
they mean nothing to him,
no one compares to her,
and then, there she is.

She watches for her cue,
trying to focus on her routine,
but her smile isn't as bright as it use to be,
she will probably never see him again.
That's it, that's her cue,
she glides out, as graceful as a swan
she goes into her turn,
and suddenly, there he is.
Sitting there, in her audience,
and her smile,
becomes more radiant,
then it has ever been,
he is all she sees,
all she will ever see.

They both lock eyes,
and they know.
This is it,
this is everything.
Each of them,
becoming each other worlds.
She is his world,
his life, his breath, his everything.
And it finally clicks,
that even as the world watches her,
She is only watching him.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Brenda

    Awwww, what a wonderful love story! Some times the worlds align and it brings that one special person into your orbit. Well done-