by Allie   Nov 20, 2016

She's so full of mistakes. So full of regret. She's stuck in a place where insanity feels like home and reality doesn't exist.

She's full of sin. Knees are bloody from begging for an escape. Nothing seems to work anymore. The alcohol and the razors are pointless to her now but yet she continues to use them.

She doesn't know her self worth but doesn't understand her self hatred.
She knows she better than this, she knows she's worth something.

But demons come to play and control every aspect of her. They take her over. Spiraling out of control. She may wake up tomorrow or this may be the last time.

She's so full of mistakes but she's worth it. She's worth the effort.
But nobody seems to see that and nobody seems to care.

She means the world to someone out there but she means absolutely everything to me. We will fight this together hand in hand because your demons aren't gonna win....I will not let them defeat you, I will not just watch as it happens.

Our demons can play together. She's not gonna be in this alone. I'll do what I have to do to show her what she means to me. I'm not letting go.

Her mistakes are my mistakes.
Her self hatred and self destruction are mine now too. She's everything she thinks she's not. And I'm not gonna wait around for her rot.


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