I Miss You

by Allie   Nov 7, 2017

I miss you. I miss your laugh and smile.

But I know you're never coming back.

 6 feet under and you have to be freezing.

I wanna hold you and warm you up and just bring you back.

This regret and guilt is killing me and there's nothing I can do to change it.

You needed me and I needed you. I was a bit to late and you were a bit to earlier.

But I wanna scream... i wanna scream because you're never coming back.

This life is getting more difficult and I'm not sure what I'm doing or feeling.

But I loved you so much and I just wish you were here to tell me something... anything.

That smile... it could have melted the hardest of people. That laugh could of made the saddest feel something.

I miss you and I can't bring you back.

And God knows I just wish I had you back.


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