His Love Song

by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Jan 11, 2017

Whoever you are, I know you're out there
You're probably with a girl you love who doesn't care
You've heard all the rumors, that she's everywhere
But your heart is so big, you've got plenty room to spare
A million times, it has been misused
Can't figure out why you're always so bruised
I can open my heart and promise you
That I am different than what you're used to

Whoever you are, I'm right here
I am guilty of giving, and shedding a few tears
Been unsatisfied with love for years
I've been aching for someone to get closer than near
A million times, I've been abused
This life of mine always have me confused
But if I'm sure about anything, it's you
I wouldn't hurt you the way that life could do

We're just in this world, two souls untouched
But our minds can get the better of us
And our hearts have never really known love
But I know you're out there just for me
And I'll make sure that you believe

That whoever you are, I hope you hear this
We were fated to be broken so our hearts can be fixed
And when I find you, it'll prove that love exists
Started as a glance and sealed with a kiss


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