by Ezeani Sunday   Jan 20, 2017

When people give a lizard's ear to history
When people ogle through life with the biggy owl's eye
Sober and austere poet can't but worry
About how they willingly choose to foolishly die

MMM's saga left them less sagacious
Her dainty and profit left them with salivary tongue
Their hearts grow and glow too anxious
For mirage of money so huge and long

MMM says "My babies I am still with you till you grow wise
My children, chameleons of sandy- money-making banks
Are blossoming as new moon set and sun set to rise
If you have not learnt LOGOS; dry will run your mighty tank"

Spring Cash has now brought drought
Instead of wiping tears has grown more fears
Instead of watering hope has left all burnt
Their will and zeal, spears and shears


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