The Stars Sing In Despair

by Kakera   Jan 25, 2017

Her smile collapsed under the gentle touch
from that hand, pale like carved from milky jade,
trembling with the resolve of twisted infatuation,
to be cruelly guiding her wishes and longing
of a world worth fighting for,
sinking beyond the reaches of oblivion,
and to where the stars sing in despair.

An Enchantress who plays the cosmos
as if it were an orchestra of remembrance:
an ode to the fallen, and a dream
where life is cherished like
the cracks and blood-stained shards
of a broken mirror lodged
deep within the songstress' throat.

The Exile taught her to weave Truth,
to entwine reality within illusions
and illusions within existence,
and she taught her that Love
is the most natural and honest form
of primordial chaos.

The Demiurge forbade the entirety of existence
from speaking the name of this Illusory Demon;
In fear that she would lead any living beings into a trance
merely by imbuing sophistry and profoundness
within the profanities of her every song;

For she could bewitch all of humanity,
while she schemed against the entire world:
She replaced Life with Death;
She replaced Love with Emptiness,
and she replaced Faith with Zeal.

And when the Illusory Queen moved,
the Heavens knew to fear her every step:
For they plunged her hopes and her life
into the everlasting torment of grief,
when the angels descended on humanity,
hoping to erase her name:

As the Exile vanished from her world,
this Enchantress shrouded Everything
within a deluge of her bloody tears,
and she wove a new tomorrow
from the nothingness of despair,
until the boundaries of hope itself
could no longer contain her rage.

Every living being could feel
the faint, gentle, and unassuming drums
of her lover's heart being drawn to death.
And when the pulse echoed through the Earth,
the entirety of Creation knew to tremble in fear,
as the Illusory Demon remembered her name.

And her smile collapsed forever,
holding that hand carved from milky jade,
whispering promises with a sovereign resolve,
that she would have vengeance on the heavens,
even if it meant turning life itself
into a nightmare that reaches into oblivion,
to where even the stars
could only sing in despair.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    You know when you are so stunned by beauty and have no words well this is like that time, I am stunned and my eyes for some reason are watery. Just wow!!

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    I'm err...speechless. Too beautiful for me to handle. Excellent write!

  • 2 years ago

    by Naughtymouse

    Genuinely, I don't even know where to start...this is unbelievably well written....saved to favs because I need to read this at least 100times I wish I had another nomination because this should be front page for a year.....holy crap.

    Just amazing.


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