by Rei Severs   Mar 4, 2017

Don't look at me, for I am cursed,
Don't look too hard, you'll see the dirt,
Pieces left to stay untouched,
Rotting flesh, potent musk

Fear me, for I am filthy,
Desperate pleas to clense the grime,
Even if I am never guilty,
I am capable of the most heinous of crimes.

You see, forever me, forever holding peace,
There is only so much to achieve, before it seeps through,
I hide it away, do not touch that darkness,
Shoved down deep, it grew and grew.

You will be tainted with just one affection,
I will yank you in the wrong direction.
Get lost with me, sink deeper, my friend,
Come with me, your demise, your end.

I am a reaper, of sins unspoken,
You have my word, I'll leave you broken,
And when I do my job, you will revel in shame,
I warned you of me, you have yourself to blame.

My claws will sink in to place pressure on pulse,
I'll lure you in with intentions so false,
I will creep on you, catch you off guard,
And you will smile at me, never see through the facade.

Come kill with me, be a sinner,
Sin to win, and everyone's a winner,
I'll turn you from frumpy into a grinner,
Chew you up, spit you out, then save you for dinner.

Broad grin, shaped like a cresent moon,
You fear for December, when we're only in June,
Think of your future, think of your past,
Give up the life, you knew would not last.

Taste my scythe, the spice of life,
Allow it to carve you like a knife,
Give up your soul, I promise you mercy,
Come with me to live on, forever dirty.


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