Modern art for an old soul

by joseph santacruz   Mar 25, 2017

Money burning a hole in my pocket cuz I just got my salary
I think i will smoke a J and check out the Modern art gallery
These palletes did not please my palate they just made me frown
let me take a closer look maybe its upside down
Could be all the high times in low places that I went
maybe my art appreciation brain cells were spent
As I gaze upon the artists splatters and flows
feels to me like a version of the emperors new clothes
5 million dollars for this work wow what a wage
looks to me like droppings on the bottom of a bird cage
"chaotic tranquility with happy somber overtones " scream the plastic in-crowd types
really makes me wonder what their smoking in their pipes
Obviously originals these works couldnt be traced
we all make mistakes and some should be erased
"magnifioso! Bravo! the avant garde cheer
maybe it looks better after 10 or 20 beers
10 million dollars this next piece will fetch
sort of looks like when I turn both knobs on an etch-a-sketch
seems to me these modern masterpieces are vastly overated
perhaps I can find a jet-set puppet and have them translated
In a vision of clarity I soon realized
these canvases are forgeries or maybe vandalized
Some place somewhere someone labled this genius
I drawn the conclusion I could do better blindfolded fingerpainting with my penis
scuffs and squiggles and paralell square balls
I really couldnt see a blind man hanging these on his walls
Maybe the artist was clumsy with paint and spilling
whatever his inspiration I wasnt really feeling it
25 million to this one by a pollock joker
wheres all the good art with big eyed children or velvet dogs playing poker
But my artistic enjoyment wont be spoiled by this modern art show
I will still keep my eyes open for rembrandt and an ear out for van gogh
well different brush strokes for different brash folks
i think the art curators are victims of a not so elaborate hoax
Dots and blobs obtruse coencentric scrawls only confuse
I hope these demented illustrators dont try their hand at tattoos
And if I ever get the urge to come back here and see
I wont be smoking weed I will probably need LSD
These are all con men fakes but here is trues
The art connisewer (yep sewer) afficianado types must have a few loose screws
Thumbs down to this art show and those that planned it
Modern art is like my relationships...I just cant understand it.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago


    This poem put a real smile on my face, just made me laugh with its humourous and very clever use of words! Nice work my friend!

  • 1 year ago

    by Therapoetic4

    Sly digs at both sides of the modern art debate. Well played.

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