Sew What

by joseph santacruz   Mar 28, 2017

Kenmore knows Im no Singer
but allow me to spin a yarn that will have you in stitches
Im not trying to fleece you or pull the wool over your eyes
you may try this thread:sew what
Hem and haw if you must, Its immaterial to me,Im just not sew nimble with a thimble
I am single and seeking a dominatrix or a seamstress with an ample sewing chest whose good at bobbin
Needlessly needling me is remnants of a pattern of shear insanity
my mouth remains zippered, and a few of my buttons are missing with nerves frayed
although when I sleep Im an accomplished dream weaver
sew quit your knit picking
seemingly I unravel at the seams
take in a petite seceret for size
My frustration is embroidered on my face
as the needlepoints at my inability to thread a needle its apparent Im not tailor made
It all comes out in the wash and my dirty laundry is shrinking.
Its obvious there is no suture in my future
A permanent press is looming for me to become a man of the cloth in my tight knit community


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  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    A very creative write, unique and cheeky-well done-