The Foreseen Break

by Ramon G Haupt   Apr 1, 2017

The foreseen break, always lurking, always there.
Always around bad, enquisitive temptation,
Let our light of love hope and trust never be a seperation.

Let the communication of us be as though it pulses through the veins of undying love,
Let us hold firmly each other so that the only way after death is upward, beyond above.

Your tears let me hold them in a jar of peace, heartbreak, torment and all.

The cross above us let's bow our knees.

Let me not however push you away like the rest,
Let me give you my all with your chance,
Yes I will surpass that cursed broken test.

Your smile let it outshine the sun and the glow of the moon,
For now let's be there for each other now, back then, forever and the time of being soon.


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