Bees In Heaven:

by Scott Cole   May 7, 2017

If life was a Beehive
And we all got along,
God is Queen Bee
Keeps our hearts strong.

Where life is a peach
A bowl full of cherries,
A full buffet of honeys
That makes us all merry.

Where we all had our wings
To stop and smell the roses,
Or walk across those tulips
On our tiny tipped toes.

Where everyone had rights
For we all could bare arms,
And always carry our gun
Incase we flew into harm.

Where we dreamed real big
Underneath golden honeycombs,
That always seemed to seep
Into our minds and our bones.

Where life was good and simple
And we never get thirsty,
For the Keeper of the bees
Is always showing us mercy.

Yes we've a pretty sweet life
Turning raw pollen into honey,
And then trying on all those perfumes
That you can't even buy with money.

Yeah.. if life was just like that
A Golden Beehive in the sky,
Where our only little worry
Is what Beeline which to fly.


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