The Burning of A Journal

by Kryptonite Dreamer   May 18, 2017

Broken veins,
Broken smiles,
Unwritten apologies,
For what purpose,
To be heard?
To be known?
To have notoriety?
Seriously the longer I sit in this house,
I feel my soul escape,
I can't write as freely,
Feel like I'm burying myself alive,
Or looking at myself through the mirror,
Looking back at a younger me,
Full of youth,
Full of innocence,
Full of passion,
And a pinch of arrogance,
But why?
Why did I dress that way?
Why did I crave attention like that before?
Why cover the scars?
The ones I kissed the blade with,
To hopefully never wake up again with,
But now...
All I see is the fire,
The fire of my entries,
The fire of me needing an escape,
Eventually I'll be free


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