Lady of the lake

by Hope2932   Jun 19, 2017


Floating mid air

What is her story?

Many guesses
No answers

Some say it was a tragic
Love story:
Her lover left her for another
And she ended her life in the lake

Others say she simply lost her mind
And in despair ended her pain

The truth is more tragic than anyone

She met a man her soulmate
Long ago
He was smart

He was a sea man
They were to be wed

One day there was news from afar
That his ship was lost at sea

She clutched her womb
As there was a child growing there

It couldn't be , he couldn't be gone

She couldn't go on
She couldn't bare the pain

One stormy day she gave birth
To her son
The next day her son didn't have a mother

For you see some pain is to much to
To bare

So to this day the lady floats
Hoping her lover
Will return


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