by Scrittore   Jun 27, 2017

She once held the world with high regard
She was brave and bold with hope in her heart.
Her face was fresh with a crown on her head
And no doubts in her mind as she lay down to bed
But the years took their toll and the world betrayed
Her heart became heavy her hips no longer swayed.
She lost many battles to keep her heart whole
Wounds and scars quickly took hold
But crooked she kept her crown
And crazy-eyed she refused to frown
A queen she was and a queen she'll be
No matter the world's hypocrisy
With a charred heart black as night
This queen fears not her plight.
The world, after all, did not make her whole
And she will not let it claim her soul
So she straightens her crown with a grin
Knowing that she won't let life win.
She still holds the world with high regard
She's still brave and bold with hope in her heart.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    This is beautiful, Scittore. Inspiring in a very beautiful way. I think I have to hold my head up high now. :-) This is great!

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