by fenix flight   Jul 5, 2017

All this anger
is clawing at my stomach
it wants to be heard
it wants to scream and make a scene
the tears want to come
but my eyes wont let them
I want to throw punches
but my hands are frozen to my side
the thoughts in my head
are begging to be voiced
but my mouth wont open
wont let them out
eyes turn darker
my visions going black
rampage barbie
on the lose
blood starts boiling
can't hold me back
I break through my paralyzes
my words start spewing
tears come flooding
thoughts being heard
body does what it please
has a mind of it's own
struggling for control
fighting the urge trying
to calm my heart
what's happening to me
is a new sensation it
scares me right to my senses
snap out like I've been in a daze
feels like a dream but in reality
... It's destruction.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Someone Invisible

    I really like this because for one I relate. For two, it kind of goes a bit chaotic when you finally "break through (your) paralyzes." and it really adds an urgency and sense of liberation to the piece. At the end you said it scares you right to your senses and I think that the poem, in my own perception and mental voice, It goes from a sense of constraint in the beginning to the urgent, out of control feeling, to a sudden stop. A deafening quiet that is in no way peaceful and is instead a wary and fearful silence.

    I don't know, maybe I'm completely off base here. I just wanna say it was very nicely penned. :)