A promise

by patrick   Jul 24, 2017

I have this innate ability to slip seamlessly
Through the cracks between my personalities
Touch the invisible soul within
Separate from my shell
creating my own ‘picture perfect place’

it’s like hearing the words clearly in my mind
from a piece of instrumental music
there is this fundamental element imbedded
that hints at another way to ‘perceive’

the nurture of the human family
has been and is being corrupted
by ‘basic’ moulding factors
with roots of misguided and of suspect value
inherited and self-cloning

love, the commonality that exposes the myth
gives us all the hint we need
‘not to be confused by false perception’

the sheer diversity of all human cultures
smacks you in the face,
stinging with a real-world element

But what we are really seeing
Is ‘mist’ bricks in the wall that divides us
A little fresh breeze, a measure of love
Let loves magic in, and you will find my ‘picture perfect place’


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