The end game is where you win or lose

by patrick   Jul 24, 2017

Pass me the salt please!
Life lends filters to perception
When your young things just happen
Time drags, each mile stone an eternity

Then you become you, running free
Age creeps up slowly in your mirror
You can’t define just when it happened
Gravity, law supreme. Up staged by ageing

When you slip away inside of your head
Gravity negated along with ageing
Ageing has no reference to offer, no script to follow
You are a first-time user, stuck with youth

Wisdom becomes your comforter
Provides a leg up, onto another alien plain
Youth be lost in all its fever, lusting the wanted hour
No more to claim prim spot, to dismantle the brain

Now be the hour to seek out value
Re-alien the filters to another dynamic of perception
The clay is to hand, the fun will in the modelling


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