by Hope   Jul 24, 2017

Shades of grey dawn my prison;
cold in my marrows,
my feet hold no rhythm;
standing in one prism,
the bars are straight and narrow;
but prison gates can't hold my soul;
just as heavens gates won't take me,
I'm left for the silence and the cold,
rewind what you see,
I'm left whole hearted by this insanity,
I'm taken by the masochist,
my blood can only perist,
why do I care?
you learn one way that life isn't fair,
voices don't protest;
only what's left to digest,
smiles left for regrets,
you don't need to bother,
horizons have no color;
only what's gone by the sun,
the fire rages on;
the smoke colouring me numb,
leave me behind so you can stay,
the skies always fade,
I'll take on the night,
black and white is my sight,
embers are my only warmth,
black holes are born;


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    by mossgirl19


  • 11 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Beautiful emotional piece that touches the heart