A Thousand Words

by Scott Cole   Aug 1, 2017

If Love was a picture
So perfectly arranged,
That the eyes and mind
Are wholesomely engaged.

The lines and the colors
Are done in harmony,
Both blended together
And done so artfully.

That eyes are hypnotized
And the mind paralyzed,
Both motionless with content
Yet both still mesmerized.

For the beauty is seen
And the beauty is felt,
A combination of the two
Makes the heart melt.

A seldom seen Masterpiece
That's drawn to please,
It pulls at your heartstrings
With all that it sees.

It's flawless in design
It's perfect in conception,
A heartfelt admiration
Of interest and perception.

The lure and enticement
Just sweetens the pot,
You know what you got
And you know what is not.

For all is crystal clear
A thousand words say,
Though it's a picture
And not an essay.

The vision is lustful
Makes you wanna blush,
The thousand words say
I love you so much.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Awww, okay, sorry, but this is so sweet! I love your rhyming and the message flowed so well.