That Sparkle In Your Eyes:

by Scott Cole   Aug 1, 2017

Like a flash of sunshine
Or lightning bugs at dance,
Your eyes light up my Life
With just a simple glance.

They glisten just like glitter
Such a stunning stellar sight,
That diamonds dare to touch
Nor solid gold is not as bright.

They bestow a spell upon me
My thoughts are in a trance,
And everytime I look your way
You fill my heart with romance.

As I look into your windows
Your windows to your Soul,
Those precious eyes of yours
That completes me as a whole.

That twinkle they give off
Illuminates upon my chin,
Because they always find a way
To bend my lips into a grin.

For nothing compares to you
Or overshadows your fame,
For that sparkle in your eyes
Would put any star to shame.


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Hi, Scott, first of all so glad you have posted new poems! I love this very sweet piece very much, ohh, the eyes say everything! Added to my faves.

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