by Allie   Aug 12, 2017

Flashbacks... let me tell you about mine.

I'm having a pretty good day when suddenly something changes.

I can't quite figure out what it is but I can tell you where my mind goes.

Back to the very first time I lost myself. The very first time the monster touched me.

The day I had to lay my best friend to rest. The day I found her dead. It all feels so real every time it comes back.

Repeating everything that's ever destroyed me. My heart sinks and I set into a panic. I don't wanna do this all over again.

My eyes sting from the tears. My heart races from the fear. My mind goes a hundred miles an hour and I'm not sure what's real.

I try and turn my mind off and focus on what's around me. But these memories are what surrounds me.

I try breathe but my chest is hurting.
I try to scream but my throat is already burning.

I get so exhausted when it finally wears off that I can't possibly feel alright again.

Flashbacks.... this is a little about mine .  So now I sit and wait for the them to come back again.


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