My Granny

by Jenny Paradise   Aug 14, 2017

My granny was a fierce woman, she was strong,
Didn't care to let you know if you were wrong,

She was opinionated and she'd always let you know,
Very quickly if you didn't live right just where you'd go,

She'd say things we didn't like and it would cause us to fight,
Perhaps we were just mad cause we knew that she was right,

She knew what was best for us even though we listen much,
And when we messed up she'd be there to be our crutch,

My granny was loved by so many people everywhere she went,
Cause any time with her was time much well spent,

She was an amazing role model that we looked up to,
She'd help anyone if she thought it was the right thing to do,

She let us know when she was proud and when she wasn't,
We all still love her there's not a person who doesn't,

She had an enormous heart and she was funny too,
She could have you laughing until your face was blue,

When she got sick she stayed strong for us,
And for a while we all got along without any fuss,

Some of us grew closer together there at the end,
Gathered around waiting on angels for God to send,

My granny is in heaven now but it hasn't been that long,
And we miss her more each and everyday since she's been gone,

She wasn't just a mother or grandmother she was so much more,
She was our best friend and now our angel with wings to soar.

Jenny lynn


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Bradley Peter

    I feel like this piece started very strongly in it's language, time, and content, but then started to lose some of that power as it went on. The rhythm - for me - also felt quite staccato.

    However, as with all your pieces, there was a great sense of a person. Your poems are always personal and emotional, with a childlike quality.

  • 11 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Your gran sure is an amazing woman basing on your words. My gran is fighting for her life as of the moment. Thank you for this beautiful, heart-felt piece.

  • 11 months ago

    by Em

    My nan and yours would have got on like a house on fire lol they seem like two peas in a pod

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